Apart form vehicle trackers, detectors and sensors, we offer a range of devices for various industrial security systems and schools, that include Attendance Access Recording System, Guard Alert Monitoring System. Access Control Machine etc. Our In house Production is used in almost all corporates.
Our array of In house Production Products are as follows:
Attendance Access Recording System

This device is incorporated in a lot of companies and corporates. It is a type of punching cad machine, that displays name on punching and confirms the attendance of that person. AttendanceAccess Recording System has efficiently replaced the tedious paper work. This device is now been installed in schools too.
Technical specifications of the device are:
User Capacity
  • 2500 / 6500 users
Power supply
  • 5V Adaptor. (Standard)
  • UPS (Optional)
Card Sensing & Validating Speed
  • Less than 0.5 seconds
Read Distance:
  • 5-6 inches
Log Memory Capacity
  • 30,000 Records
PC interface
  • RS232 / RS485 / TCP-IP
Data Uploading Speed
  • 10,000 records per minute
Input Voltage
  • 90V-280V AC
Output voltage:
  • 5V / 12V DC
Current Consumption
  • 500mA Normal to 1A Maximum
Battery Backup
  • 3 to 4 hours or 36 hours(Optional)

Machine Human Interface follows as:
  • 4 line, 20 character per line Blue LCD screen which shows Date/Time/Status continuously and Name when card flashed
  • Beep through Buzzer
  • 4X4 matrix Keypad for setting device parameter and user settings. (Optional)
It holds unique Access control features like:
  • Radio Frequency Identification RFID
  • Security Siren
  • Exit Switch/Emergency Exit Switch
  • Door Close Sensor
  • Access method: Card AND / OR Pin code
  • Card can be activated or deactivated as per employee status
  • SMS to any number when card punch.
Attendance / Access Control Machine Finger Based
ur supplied Finger Based Attendance or Access Control Machine is a specific device which instead of card-punching, uses finger-touch method. It is manufacture using biometric (fingerprint) and RFID card technology. It has the maximum 3000 users capability. This device has the added feature of Access Control. Companies, institutes and corporates use this device.
The technical features of the device are:
Reader Type
  • 360 degree finger identification scanner
  • 125 KHz RFID
Validating Speed
  • Less than 0.7 Second
Verification Mode
  • 1:1
  • 1:N
Log Memory Capability
  • 80,000 Transaction

Guard Alert Monitoring System

We offer advanced technology manufactured, Guard Alert Monitoring System, that is designed for keeping continuous watch on alertness of guard. The device check on the activities of guards, keeping them alert. It give out alert beep at preprogrammed time slot and intervals, in which Guard has to flash their Identity Card. In view of inactivity, the information can be immediately send to server.
Some unique features of the device are:
  • Auto-dialer facility
  • SMS facility: In case on inactivity of guard at the preprogrammed interval,message will be communicated immediately to the senior
  • Panic switch for emergency cases i.e. with the help of panic switch guard can inform about emergency to the server any time and blow the siren/hooter
  • User programmable slots and time-intervals
  • Event-recording system in its internal memory, which is retrievable at any time
  • If device gets switched off, siren/hooter will go on
  • Device status can be monitored by the server or viewed in reports at periodic intervals and can raise alarms if necessary.
Automatic School Bell System
We offer Automatic School Bell device, that is specially designed for schools. It gives out siren in bell sound, at user configurable bell duration. It comprises 6 different user configurable bell format and each season has user configurable 20 bell timings. The device has Half day / Full day Bell setting also.
The six different season settings includes:
  • Summer season
  • Winter Season
  • Summer Vacation
  • Winter Vacation
  • Special Occasion
  • Holidays
Some general features of the device are:
  • User end selectable whole year holidays and bell format for holidays
  • Bell can be configured as per any days of the week.

Attendance machine

We are a leading trader of customized office security systems and softwares and provide the latest Attendance Machines. We procure these attendance machines from the best electronic and software manufacturers in the market, to ensure their efficiency and durability. These attendance machines are manufactured using the latest technologies and are thus in high demand in offices and colleges.
Technology Used
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Read Distance
  • Within the range of 6 inches
Card Type
  • 10 Digits RFID Proximity Card
  • Specific card can be activated / deactivated as per Employee status
Maximum User Capability
  • 2,500 users (Standard)
  • 6,500 users (Optional)
  • As per requirement (Optional)
Log Memory Capability
  • 30,000 Transactions (Standard)
Total time slot available
  • EIGHT, which is user configurable for different level of staff & for different Entry/Exit time duration.
Card Sensing & Validating Speed
  • Less than 1 Second
Number of Reader available withb device
  • 1 (Standard)
    2 to 4 (Optional)
Data Downloading Speed
  • 10,000 Records per Minute
Power Supply
  • 5V Adaptor(Standard)
  • UPS (Optional)
  • Input voltage: 90V-280V AC
  • Output voltage: 5V / 12V DC
  • Current consumption: 500mA Normal to 1A
  • Minimum battery backup:3 to 4 hours
  • Maximum battery backup:34 to 36 hours
PC Interface
  • RS232 1:1 (Standard)
  • RS485 1:32 (Optional)
  • TCP/IP 1: Depends upon TCP/IP network (Optional)
Machine Human Interface
  • 4 line, 20 character per line
  • Blue/Green LCD screen which shows Date/Time/Status continuously and Name when card flashed
  • Beep through Buzzer
  • 4X4 matrix Keypad for setting device parameter and user settings(Optional)
  • Specially developed for school/co lleges
  • Whenever student makes his/her attendance by showing the
  • card to the machine, the machine sends a SMS to his/her parents
Access Control Machine
We offer another range of tracking machines, the Access Control Machines that are similar to our attendance machines in various features except the battery backup. These access control machines are specially designed to keep a track of all in and out records for an individual within an organization. The security system provided by our machines are well tested and can be availed at competitive prices in the market.
  • Electromagnetic (Standard), holding force of 150Kg, 230Kg, 280Kg,300Kg, 500Kg.
  • Electric strike, Fail secure, Power on to unlock, 120mA / 240mA 12 V (Optional)
  • User configurable time delay for lock operation Security Siren (Optional)
  • Exit Switch / Emergency Exit Switch (Optional)
  • Door Close Sensor (Optional)
Access Method
  • Card Based (Standard)
  • Card + 4 digit Pin Code.(Optional)

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+ Detectors & Sensors
+ Biometric Access Control Systems
+ Video/Audio Door Phones
+ Locks & Accessories
+ Vehicle Tracking Solutions
+ Customized Access Control Solutions
+ Conference Room Integration
+ Water Tank Manager And PLC
+ Multi Apartment Video Door Phone
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Hot Vacancy:
  • Sales professional, 1-3 years of Sales Experience in AV & security Systems, qualification: BE, MBA-Sales & marketing.
  • Networking & Installation Engineers, 1-3 years of Experience in networking, Knowledge of Static & dynamic IP, Virtual Private network, qualification: Diploma (Electronics & Comm.)
New Launches:
  • Smart Vehicle tracking solution for individuals & industries
  • Wireless IP cameras for smart monitoring.
  • Moving Message Display Boards
  • Access solution for client specific requirements.
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